Work Travel (Again)

I’m in Houston, TX for the next four days, so the posting will continue to be light. Kate has a podcast for you guys on Tuesday that answers the riddle that I posed earlier with the first line of my new project.

In the meantime, I’m stuck in a hotel room with no SciFi channel, so no BSG tonight for me.

4 Responses to Work Travel (Again)

  1. catalyst22 says:

    Contrary to what corporations would have you believe, Houston is akin to poo in both texture, density, and odor. Like the old saying goes “A day outside of Houston is like a day without being repeatedly poked in the eye”

  2. catalyst22 says:

    nah, seriously… I don’t like Houston at all.

  3. catalyst22 says:

    The space museum was cool until the trolly drop’d us off at one of the outdoor sites for a rocket I’d never heard of and didn’t return until the rain stop’d.

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