Quick Hits

  • The iPhone 4 apparently takes mysterious photos of users without their knowledge, then flashes them on the screen during Facetime chats. I guess that’s one excuse for the reason why the picture of your drunk girlfriend pushing her boobs together shows up during a video chat. I might have a different explanation.
  • Also on the iPhone front: Apps are spying on you! You didn’t have to be a genius to figure this one out, even for apps that you pay for. Did I just break your cute bubble of innocence? If so, I’m sorry. Here’s a reality check: any way that someone can monetize your personal data is eventually going to transpire. That Pandora, an app that both the wife and I use and love, is one of the vile offenders doesn’t really surprise me. It does mean that I’ll be more choosy about my apps. For all I know, Angry Birds broadcasts my position in stall number two at work during my mid-morning poop break. (I’ll get every one of those effing pigs eventually.)
  • Learn to be a UFC fighter with the Xbox360’s Kinect technology. I have to say that I’m really freakin’ impressed with Kinect technology and its potential to revolutionize game control (and UI control). Microsoft may have finally done something really innovative, which is something that they haven’t done…ever?
  • Forbes blogger Michael Noer estimates the monetary value of Smaug’s treasure horde and even backs it up with some interesting mathematics. Don’t know who Smaug is? I’ll give you a chance to read The Hobbit before I classify you as hopelessly illiterate.

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