Completed Works

Novels in Progress

  • Jasper’s Interstellar Menagerie
  • Two Worlds (working title)


  • Earthsiege: No Retreat (a complete re-draft of A Loss of Innocence)
  • Blood and Stone
  • Alchemy and Empire (formerly Alchemist)


Short Stories

  • “Henry Hellcaller”
  • “The Grief of an Asteroid Miner”
  • “Any Sort of Existence”
  • “Tides of Memory”
  • “The Vampire Suicides”
  • “Awakening”
  • “In the Music”
  • “Question of Humanity”
  • “A Question of Identity”
  • “A Question of Justice”
  • “A Question of Vengeance”
  • “Entropy of Memory”
  • “It Was Raining…”
  • “A Boy’s Best Friend”
  • “A Christmas Story – A Dramatization of Luke 1-2”

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