Current Submission Status (updated 11/2/2012)


Blood and Stone

  • Submitted to Harper-Voyager during their open submission process.
“Any Sort of Existence”
  • Rejected by Clarkesworld
“Any Sort of Existence”
  • Submitted to Clarkesworld


 Earthsiege: No Retreat

  • Submitted to Ethan Ellenberg – Considered myself rejected (see below entry)


Blood and Stone
Earthsiege: No Retreat

  • Rejected by Joshua Bilmes – As an aside, Joshua was extremely cool. Based on a query, he asked to see the first thirty pages of both novels, then took the time to write a personalized rejection letter.


Blood and Stone
Earthsiege: No Retreat

  • Submitted to Joshua Bilmes



Blood and Stone (Steampunk fantasy novel)

  • Ethan Ellenberg, Agent Query Letter – Considered myself rejected per the policy on their web site: “We do accept queries via email at agent at ethanellenberg dot com.  However, we will not download attachments and will only respond to emails that we are interested in…We normally respond to email queries within two weeks.  If we haven’t responded after two weeks, then we are not interested in the material.” No response by 9/21/2011.
  • Jennifer Jackson, Agent Query Letter  – Rejected 9/14/2011, appears to be a form letter
  • Matt Bialer, Agent Query Letter
  • Shawna McCarthy, Agent Query Letter


Blood and Stone (Steampunk fantasy novel)

  • Russ Galen, Agent Query Letter – Rejected 8/30/2011. Very nice personalized letter, offered advice.


“The Tides of Memory” –


“A Question of Vengeance” – Clarkesworld Magazine

  • 10/3/2010 – Rejected (same letter as before)

“A Question of Justice” – Apex Magazine

  • 10/6/2010 – Rejected (personalized)

“In the Music” – Strange Horizons

  • 10/14/2010 – Rejected (form)

“The Tides of Memory” –  Lightspeed Magazine

  • 9/30/2010 – Rejected (personalized)


Alchemy and Empire – Nelson Literary Agency, Query Letter

  • 9/21/2010 – Requested first thirty pages of manuscript
  • 9/29/2010 – Rejected (form letter)


“In the Music” – Clarkesworld Magazine

  • 9/21/2010 – Rejected (unsure if form letter or not)


Blood and Stone – Pyr Books

  • 12/23/2010 – Rejected; received personalized feedback that was strongly indicative that they had read the entire novel. Asked me to submit other items when I had them ready.

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